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When shopping around for a new guitar, I went with Scott Manke because  he was willing to do whatever I wanted in terms of design, style, and  hardware.  I don't know of anyone else who could make such an amazing  custom guitar for such a reasonable price.  I'm not a professional  guitar player by any means, but now I've got a more rocking guitar than  anyone.  He's been amenable to all of my suggestions, including late  alterations, and I couldn't have asked for more than that.  Scott Manke  Guitars, 'cause that's how I roll.

-Ryan Kelly-

Ryan Kelly is a PHD Graduate from Columbia University in New York City

When I first approached Manke Crafts about making and designing my electric, I had an very aesthetically and electrically complicated idea as to what I wanted my guitar to be like.  By the time of our second meeting, Scott had already done the testing on electroluminescent wire that I wanted in my guitar and determined that it was not going to work (due to the interference with the wire and not Scott's capabilities).  Then I guess you could say lightning struck and we had a new design within minutes.  He then gave me a blueprint of the guitar with every single possible detail included.  The next thing I saw after that was the finished product and it literally left me speechless (which is unusual for me).  Scott was terrific to work with and produces incredible results.  I hope this to be the first of many instruments I design and purchase from Manke Crafts.

-Ryan Cole-

Ryan Cole is a Graduate Student studying Recording/Music Technology at NYU and band manager for "Dirty Sanchez & the Rusty Trombones".


Each of Scott Manke's instruments is a colossal meeting of mind and matter.  He seamlessly fuses state of the art technology with ancient mythical designs, resulting in spooky haunting monsters that travel through space like lightning.  And they're built so sturdy you could actually ride one to mars.  They feature a logical control system and smooth easy steering for dodging meteors, etc.  So, would you like to traverse the sonic universe on a lightspeed howling dragon-ghost thats built like a truck yet turns on a dime?  Then i think you need to play a manke crafts instrument today.

-Rushad "The Wild Snee Goblin" Eggleston-

Rushad Eggleston is a Grammy Nominted Musician who plays with:

The Fiddlers 4
Crooked Still
The Wild Band of Snee
Darol Anger's Republic of Strings
Hanneke Cassel Trio
Palo Colorado


Artist Info will be posted soon!

Ryan Scott performs/records with:

The Ryan Scott Orchestra
Palo Colorado

Artist Info will be posted soon!

Jacob Silver performs/records with:

The Mammals
Arlo Gutherie
Palo Colorado
The Wild Band of Snee

Artist Info will be posted soon!

Scott's ability to blend art and craft define his style.  His constant  innovations in guitar design are completely unique in the world of  guitar making.  Scott's dedication lies in his endless hours of  research, long walks on the beach, and his innate ability to take a  clients vision and make it reality.  Custom guitars and repairs do not  come at a better price or quality these days.  Honestly, what can  Scott's wood do for you?

-Clark Terry-

Clark Terry performs/records with:

The Grundles
Dirty Sanchez & the Rusty Trombones
The Dead Skunks
The Terrys

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