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Here at Manke Crafts we are capable of doing many repairs to all sorts of instruments.  Since necessary repairs are usually unique to the individual instrument, there is no easy way to have a set price.  So, If you have an instrument that needs some attention, please contact us through scott@mankecrafts.com with a brief description of the instrument and the damage that occurred.  ***Please keep in mind that not all damages can be completely fixed or made to appear as new, so please keep an open mind***.  

Besides major repairs, Manke Crafts also does routine maintenance and adjustments such as:
    -String Replacement
    -Intonation Adjustments
    -Truss Rod Adjustments
    -Fingerboard Conditioning
    -Finish Buffing
    -Electrical Wiring
    -Nut Adjustments
    -Action/Neck Set
    -Pick-up/Preamp Installation

Manke Crafts is located in Oakland, California.

For questions, comments, pricing and information: e-mail info@mankecrafts.com or
Call our office at (831) 277-1591 (9 -6pm Pacific Time).

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